Friday, November 4, 2016

Transplant Survivor

Transplant recipients are a real tough bunch. One of our jokes used to be that transplant wasn't for wimps. Sometimes before transplant these folks can begin to feel like zombies, walking around heavily medicated, unable to breathe easily, retaining water, looking jaundice, etc.  Zombies might be an upgrade some days! 

Many of our transplant recipients wait years to receive an organ transplant. This is especially true for those folks who are in need of a kidney. Kidney recipients are able to wait longer because they have the option of dialysis, but it's not optimal by any means.  Pre-transplant patients stand on the edge of life wondering if they will make it...wondering if they will make it until next year, next month, next week or the next day.  Teetering on this edge obviously makes getting the call for transplant even that much more incredible.  

The gift of a transplant is miraculous, life changing but also worth celebrating!   The recipients we know like to celebrate in many different ways... 


Show of Strength


Transplant recipients are a grateful bunch.  I've known a couple hundred plus dozens more.  We love the donors, the donor families and believe into the depth of our souls that organ donation saves lives and does so much good. Please register to be an organ donor.

Have a Fantastic Day!

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