Thursday, November 3, 2016

Christmas at KNS Gear

"Dear Friend, I like to start my notes to you as if we're already in the middle of a conversation."
 Meg Ryan - "You've Got Mail"

That's the way I like to write, as if I'm talking to a friend and if I've just thought of something exciting to share and just can't wait to talk about it. Yesterday brought some cheap thrills to my life and I have to share it! You've been warned.

In the early 70's my mother purchased a Mr and Mrs Kissing Claus. I grew up with these little figurines coming out every Christmas and I loved them.  I loved them as a kid, as a teen and as an adult.  I get a little obsessed though with certain things and my obsession grew as I got older and soon I really needed to have them in my own home. So I have looked and looked and looked for them online and at garage sales for years.

My Mother has told me that some day I will receive them but honestly, she loves them too and she's not going to let them go until she's gone and she's going to live forever.  I'd rather have her live forever! So I continue my search.

Each time I went home for Christmas I would take photos of the pair.  Probably to help quench my thirst for their actual presence in my life.  Our Christmas Collection now includes the Kissing Clauses on a few items because I'm sure I'm not the only one that enjoys the sweetness of these vintage decorations.

I love the old Christmas stuff.  I have a vintage Mexican pottery Nativity set that I photographed a few years ago.  Now that set is mine.  I don't have to fight anyone for it.  We put that on a dishtowel, too.  Now you can enjoy that for your home, too.

Organ Donation is always close to our heart and we have several Gift of Life items available for Christmas.  A few of them are shown below.  We just love them.

Every fall I start my search for the Santa figurines and this year, THIS YEAR, I scored!  I got on Etsy and there they were.
The exact pair.
THE ones that were identical to the ones I grew up with.

Here they are, in my bookcase.
Cheap Thrills and all that!

I am so excited.  SO excited!  I can't believe I finally found them.

Have a fabulous day!

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