Sunday, November 13, 2016

Sales and Print-on-Demand information

This blog will, at some point, turn into something that will be a little more chatty and a lot less product intense, I promise.  However, there are only a few ways to promote an online business and with it being the middle of November we are in a rush.  A blog really helps get our products and name out into the Universe and I am so excited about some of the new items we have designed.  I hope that the items we show you are fun and may even help pick out some items for your home or as gifts.

Zazzle is our production point because it's Print-on-Demand and that means we can design hundreds of products and not have to maintain an inventory.  However, since it's Print-on-Demand, it can seem to be expensive.  My recommendation for that is to sign up for the Zazzle emails and you will be informed of the sales.  They have a sale on something or an overall sale every day.

Today through 11:59 Pacific Time on November 15th (Tuesday) HOLDIAYCHEER is the discount code for a ton of items.  Since it's Christmas shopping season, they have more items on sale than I'm used to - but that's great for you!   But don't worry, if you miss this sale, like I said, there will be another.

Steve and I get paid by selling our products, but we get paid more if we are the referring party.  If there is no referring party then that money goes to Zazzle.  I guess that's good, it helps keep the sale prices coming, but we would love to have someone get that referral money.  We laugh that we make about 25 cents an hour, but in just selling our designs, that's about the truth!  I have to tell you, we cheer every single time we get a sale.  It's thrilling to have someone like what we do!  Thank you!

So my request to you, you lovelies that are reading, is that you come here to our blog or and click on any of our links to take you to Zazzle. This will give us the referral credit and you can purchase anything you want.  It doesn't have to be from our store. 

Today's sale -- Home Decor
HOLIDAYCHEER is the promo code40% off Magnets25% off Ornaments30% off Pillows30% off Plates30% off Napkins30% off Coasters30% off Mugs40% off Stickersand 20% off the rest of your qualifying order.

The images above show a few of the items we have in the sale categories above.  Enjoy!

Have a Fantastic Day!

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