Monday, November 21, 2016

Information on Shipping with Zazzle Black

Whenever I order anything I am always very conscious of the shipping cost.  I hate that the shipping is sometimes twice the cost of the item I want.  Well, Zazzle has a really great shipping program - seriously great - it's just under $10 a year.  For an entire year standard shipping is free when you sign up for Zazzle Black.
Steve and I have had Zazzle Black (Standard) for two years now and I honestly don't know if there is a down side.  There isn't a catch.  They don't call you every week asking you to upgrade and we haven't gotten a single piece of junk mail advertising to us things we've already got!

We can order one item or three and we can order three days in a row, there is no minimum or maximum you can use your free shipping. It's one of the best $10 we've spent.

Here's some info straight from the website...
Zazzle Black Standard
Love Zazzle? Well, we love you! Zazzle Black was created just for you so you can get gifts and products on Zazzle without having to worry about shipping costs. Enjoy standard shipping for a full year for an annual fee of $9.95. And it’s not just about the shipping. With Zazzle Black, you’ll enjoy special VIP discounts and early access to sales. For $9.95 annually, you get free standard shipping with tracking to any location in the continental U.S., Alaska, and Hawaii.
If you are always in a hurry and want your items at lightning speed then you might want to upgrade to their 2-Day service.
Zazzle Black 2-Day Get more Zazzle Black with FREE 2-day shipping! For just $39.95 annually, enjoy FREE 2-day shipping on all qualifying orders in addition to all the same privileges of Zazzle Black Standard. That's right: 2-day shipping! Plus all the special VIP discounts, offers and more. 
What addresses are eligible for Zazzle Black shipping?

Free standard shipping can be used for addresses in the continental U.S., PO boxes, APO/FPO addresses with U.S. zip codes, Alaska, and Hawaii. Free 2-day shipping can be used for addresses in the continental U.S., Alaska, and Hawaii. Free 2-day shipping does not ship to PO boxes or APO/FPO addresses.
For more information on Zazzle Black, please visit their FAQs page.
With so many items on Zazzle made in the USA and with so many thousands of designers like Steve and I that earn a little bit of money through our store, supported by Zazzle, the Free Shipping for a year is spectacular.  It makes shopping easy.

a Fabulous Week!

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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Small notebooks and journals

Going into an office supply store can make my heart start beating faster.  All of those paper products and pens.  I get so excited about journaling, calendar making, bullet journaling, diary writing and weekly organizing lists.   

The spiral notebooks featured here are 6.50" x 8.75" and are filled with 80 pages of lined paper.

The small folded notebook is 5.5" x 3.5" and the interior can be customized to contain blank, lined, grid or checklist paper.

Lists! Oh goodness, I love a good list.  I wish I could cross off as many things on my lists as I can write down.  I have a bullet journal full of lists - a list of the gifts I've sent my nieces, a dinner list (our favorites and those that we forget we love!), cleaning lists, monthly to do list, change the air filter calendar list, movies I want to see, books I want to read, people I want to visit, etc.  

The little notebooks and larger notebooks that we have in our shop are great for those grocery lists, random thoughts and whatever else you want to jot down.  The big notebooks are great for staying at home or at the office, but these little ones travel well and can always be within reach.  

My phone is a great place to jot down appointments in the calendar app and to keep favorite recipes that have too many ingredients for me to remember (so it will always be with me at the store) but I like writing things down with pen on paper.  

I remember things so much better if I write them down.  I am forever meeting new people and my memory for names is horrible, so now I keep track of the new folks by writing their names down. I've been doing this for about 4 months now and I have gotten so much better at remembering names! We have a group meeting every week, so I take the same notebook every week and can even go back and see who attended and when was the last time we saw them.  I didn't think it was that important to be able to find out these little details until I had them!  

My weekly calendar book, which is where I've been writing down all this info on our meetings and those who attended, ends in December.  I'm looking forward to picking up a new notebook.  I'm sure I have 4 or 5 empty notebooks somewhere in the house, but I want one of the new ones!  

I may have designed all of these new notebooks with me in mind.  I love them all and honestly I can't decide which ones I want first.  I'm especially excited that I was able to use so many of my original photographs on the covers.  

Thanks so much for joining us once again for a little window shopping.  We have more notebooks in the Just For Fun Collection and also in Stocking Stuffers

Have a fabulous day!

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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Christmas Accent Pillows

Accent pillows, occasional pillows, sometimes pillows, seasonal pillows, square pillows, round pillows, and the list goes on and on. Steve and I designed a whole bunch of pillows recently and I have finally gotten the front and back pictures of them.  The square pillows are 16" x 16" and the rectangle pillows are 12" x 16".

We did buy these designs, but it's up to us as to what we do with them and I have been having a blast playing with all of the beautiful patterns.  The retro designs are my favorites, but as I played around with the patterns I found I really started to enjoy the ones that weren't necessarily retro.

I made dishtowels out of nearly every one of these patterns, too, so if you like the pillows, you're going to like the towels, too.  The towels only have one pattern per towel though.

We had a hundred or more patterns to choose from but I see we both tended to like the stripes and polka dots quite a bit.  The cars with the trees on top - what a hoot!  I loved those.  There is also a day and night scene of a hand drawn town.  We have them on different pillows as I really wanted the backside of the pillow to compliment the front, rather than be the opposite.

Another one of the design patterns we were fortunate to find were the watercolor winter scenes.  They also made for some gorgeous pillows that won't necessarily have to be put away as soon as the New Year rings in.

If there is a pillow combination that you would like and we don't have it, please let us know and we'll make it up for you.

Have a wonderful, fabulous day!

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Friday, November 18, 2016

Christmas Tees and Shirts

The ugly Christmas sweater has become a joke of sorts, but ... I've always loved the corny shirts and sweaters with sewn on stars and snowflakes, a reindeer or two and a snowman!  There are so few times of the year that a person can dress up in theme gear and do it again and again for nearly a month.

When I lived in Michigan I had a dozen Christmas themed sweaters.  I would layer them over a mock turtleneck and head out into the world.  I may have had people laughing at me, but I didn't care.  If I can make someone laugh then it's been a fantastic day!

Our tees aren't the way-too-gaudy type, but they are fun and festive!  They have a good theme going on without having everyone in the office or on the street laughing at you.  Steve created our version of a Christmas grumpy cat and I just love him.  We've got him on a mug at our house and we keep it out all year.  

If you'd like to use our shirts as the beginning of a Christmas project, go right ahead - glue and applique to your hearts delight!  We had a lot of fun putting this all together.  Don't forget you can order any of our designs on over a hundred styles.  Zazzle has long sleeved shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, all kinds of warm stuff as well as t-shirts.  This is just one of the many benefits of Print-on-Demand.  We don't have to stock 110 styles of shirts!

Go ahead get your Christmas on!

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Monday, November 14, 2016

Tote Bags - two sided design

Tote Bags

The tote featured today is a medium sized bag 16" tall x 16" wide. The strap is a real nice 28"long and it's made in the USA.

We've got a whole new assortment of these bags that are just in time for Christmas.  Some of the designs are Christmas inspired and others are donor awareness inspired.  I've only put one photo on the bags, so far, and that's the one at the top - the candy dots. They are so festive!  Any of these would make a nice gift for yourself or others.

One of the best things about these bags is that they are two sided. The cutie watercolor snowman was so much fun that I made 4 different bags with him on it.  

This link will take you to the whole section where you can view all of the totes and these snowmen below.

Have a great day!
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