Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Christmas Cards from the KNS Card Shop

Have you started the annual hunt for a Christmas Card to send?  I can never decide how many to send and once I decide that, I never seem to be able to get all of them written.  There is always a small pile of 5 or 10 that didn't get sent.   I don't understand how that happens.  I always write a paragraph or two in each card, so maybe the ones that get left behind are the hardest to write -- or maybe the easiest!  Maybe I don't have enough to say.

How do you decide who to send a card to?  Do you send to a specific group?  Only those that send to you?  Only those that sent to you the year before?  I had a list of family and friends and all of my former tenants and friends that were no longer here in Jacksonville, but were still involved in the transplant community.  That last group of people started multiplying at a rapid rate and one year I had almost 200 cards to send.  With 2 paragraphs of unique conversation handwritten on each card, I got behind quickly.  The next year I narrowed my list to just under 100 and then if someone I had crossed off the list sent a card, I'd add them back in.  It seemed only fair.

Now I try to write letters a few times a year and space out my correspondence.  I have people I send Christmas cards to and others that I send Spring cards to.  It really works out well and I like it a lot better.  Since I love to buy Christmas Cards and send them, it's still my biggest list each year.

The interior greeting of the Let it Snow greeting card says, Snowflakes are unassembled snowmen falling from the sky.

KNS Card Shop uses photos that I took of my own Christmas decorations, that of my family and from a few public spaces.  The interior of the card can be customized to include any kind of text you'd like.  A poem, a few lines from a Christmas carol or just "Merry Christmas from the Henry Family" and with a few clicks of the mouse the cards and envelopes will be shipped off to you lickity split.

Have a Fabulous Day!

Kristin and Steve

KNS Card Shop

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