Friday, November 11, 2016

Donor Awareness Reusable Paper Coasters

We've discovered another very easy way to promote organ donor awareness and it's incredibly easy!  We've designed some paper coasters that are sturdy enough to be reusable but inexpensive enough to be tossed away when they've been used too many times.

We made coasters for those wanting to promote being an organ donor and for those who have already been given the gift of life.  You can take these coasters to your office, use them at home, order enough for a private party or give them out as gifts.  They'd even make a fun little gift tag for packages or gift bags.

Our very popular retro design was already created so it was a natural to put it on the coasters.  They are available for Heart, Lung, Liver and Kidney transplant recipients and if we don't have your transplant available we have Transplant Recipient available, too!
Enjoy the new collection.


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